Mardi Gras 2002
    Mardi Gras this year was on Feb 12. In Lafayette the parades started on the Friday before, with an evening parade. There are two more parades on Saturday. Monday night they have one and then on Tuesday there are three. A few of us make them all, but our biggest group is alway at the Saturday parades. All of the out of town family and friends come in Friday night, party with us on Saturday, then head back out on Sunday afternoon. We drag the bar-b-que out to out favorite spot and everyone brings food for the pit and snacks. We make a day of it. 10ish till about 8. The weather this year was pretty good considering how early in the year Mardi Gras was. After a long day of food, fun and drink we headed over to our favorite little bar. The Side Bar. The parade route passes right by so its a nice place to stay. We watched the Friday, Monday and Tuesday parades from there. There's not really enough room for the pit and the bigger crowd Saturday brings.We as always had a very nice time and already can't wait till next year. I have quite a few pictures as always. I'll put our group pictures on one page. Theres about 75 of them so it may take a little time to load them all. I'll make a Side Bar page with about 20 - 25 and last I'll make a parade page. I didn't take many parade pictures, but we knew some people on a couple of the floats so I have a handfull of them.
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