Mardi Gras 2001
    Mardi Gras this year was on Feb 27. In Lafayette the parades started on the Friday before, with an evening parade. There were two more parades on Saturday. Monday night they was one and then on Tuesday there were three. A couple of us made them all, but our biggest group is alway on the Saturday parades. All of the out of town family and friends come in Friday night, party with us on Saturday, then head back out on Sunday afternoon. Most of the pictures I have were from Saturday. The weather was forecasted to be miserable with rain, wind and lightning, but we dodged all the weather throughout the whole weekend. We as always had a real large time. I'm going to separate the pictures I took into two differant pages, because I have so many. The thumbnails may still load slow because of the number. Also the Parade pictures will be dark and may not be worth the trouble, but I took them so they are going in.  Larry
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